Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bitter Black Coffee

I have sooo many things in my head right now... my mind get stuck~erghh! exam microb biotech, project presentation, project paper, lab report animal cell culture, research paper 4 web design, video, another web design for group project....need to be completed b4 wednesday. End up, i burst out into tears (!_!) <tq mr.R for always lending me your ears and keep on supporting me from far faaaarr away~rase cam nk cubit2 je say thank youuuuuu~!> Sometimes, tears can give u <read : me> a favor;released! Owh owh owh undergrad,..cepat la habis 7bulan...Rase mcm dh xlarat....

To housemate berambut pnjg : Do u have any booster? tlg inject sy boleh?bagi semangat&laju sket buat keje. Saya kagum dengan ke'konsisten'an kamu...hohoho!

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