Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rapunzel, let down your hair...

The fairytale Rapunzel with her magnificent long hair always draw envious glances! Yes, currently I'm doing something involving hair~teng..teng...teng...!! Owh,forgot to tell u! This is actually my group project for Microbial Biotechnology course. After some kinds of brainstorming, we decided to pick this topic. The great thing is we are the 1st presenter<read : omaigoddd!!!>!And,..what make this taste a bit sweeter is,..we gonna present this 'thing' just after finishing the exam on monday<cheezy wedges betol laaa...!> Plus,,,..with all the reports due on the same day.Dush!You know what??I think,..I need a CPR~huh! 

Okek okek,..stop mumbling.So now, I would like to share with u guys on the making process of our TV commercial [video].  I think,.the pictures can show u better than I can tell u (^-^,) Let's get started with...
#1 - Let's get the model prepared. Clean your face, apply toner n moisturizer.

#2 - Tampal2 foundation sket,...Done! Nice~move!

#3 - Create dramatic eyes,fake eyelashes w kohl black eyeliner on upper lid and the brown one on lower eyelid!

#4 - Blusher (mix peach+pink roses)&lipstick too!Model done!

#5 - Video in the making.See the miserable unmanageable hair?(shh,. if u look a bit closer,there are some dandruff too!);)

Still in the making......the comb gets stuck!

Hello ms.photographer! Say hi to pinkypolkadots~haha

#6 - The fan effect....baru la ala2 top model w rambut menggerbang..haha!

Last shoot : Marylin Monroe joins the club!
If you think this entry is kinda grooming class.YES!u got my point honey...hahaha! But not really actually,.i'm not a professional.Not even a good one.Xde step2 sgt pun,.a lil bit of mute pics~Just to share something that i'm interested in =) This kind-of-not-so-grooming-class-entry is dedicated to someone who make a request on how to apply make up in simple way ikut suka hati.Minta maaf kalau ini tidak menepati kriteria kemahuan make up saudari <nk blaja betol g cari make up artist la ye cik adik...hehee> Owh well, the last pic shown below is act when the make up has blended well w ur face. From thicker at the beginning,.it gets lighter at the end. So, my suggestion is,...get your make up done early so bile caer, it gets more natural (well~it just a suggestion)!
*After ~4hours....
Okay, after ~6hours working on the video,.make up pun dah caer, model pun dah penat... perut dah lapar, mate dh ngantuk~ Close the window & knock~knock the door beauty ladies! Taaaaaa~~~\\(^-^,)// 

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