Friday, October 29, 2010

WonderHair by LeDang Inc!

It was a very hectic week..n alhamdulillah~i've gone through it n masih bernafas hingga saat ini selepas sehari terdampar keletihan untuk recharge.!(^-^,) So, the presentation going well n we're so satisfied for what we did even the result is not coming yet.. We ended the presentation in 40 minutes,..cun2 je mcm yg instructor nak. There're so many questions throwing out by the audience. "Monkey grooming,...Cost effective,.Small scale to large scale, Salicylic acid production,..bla bla bla~" For those who requested for the videos, there it goes.... xhebat sangat pun,.since kami bukan the real professional video maker. Takat nak share2,.boleh la.. For other groups who gonna present nex week n so on,...goodluck classmates! Malaysia boleh! yeahh~~!  

Introductory video : Instead of just introducing one by one ... <so lame!> we came out with this video <sebenanye saje nak capubkan lagu asmaradana since name company kami Ledang ; feeling2 putri gunung ledang sket...HA HA HA> Since gamba ni diambil ketika masing2 sedang stress nak wrapped up everything,a night before the presentation,.jadi sebarang kecomotan kami, kamu abaikan saje yea.ngeh ngeh~

TV commercial : Hurm,..well~saye x menyumbang rupe <read : saya market sangat..hahaha!> cume suare sahaja...Ehem ehem~suare komersial la kate.Since sume dah xmau letak suare, sume dah lemau..saye je yg hyper jadi,..mari korbankan suare merdu nih.hehehe!

LeDang Inc. with the instructor, Dr Sillman.

Lastly, I would like to thank all my group members for your fabulous efforts. We have a brilliant-never-give-up scientist, a gifted productive safety product manager, a dedicated conscientious production manager n advertisement&marketing manager yg cume pandai cakap sahaje..hihihi! Hey gals,U know what?I think, we make such a great complement! It was so fun working with u guys,.after one month of brainstorming,searching,discussing,n pening2,..I'm so proud that we made it beauty ladies! 
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