Saturday, November 20, 2010

My hair doesn't always stay in place

First of all, I want to make this thing clear : 

I jot this down for my convenience..Since it's my final year and I was thinking by having a blog, I can write anything I want as my record. Since I dont write a diary, so by having a blog, this will make my life easier to recall my sweet-sour-bitter memories study and hidup di tempat orang =) 

No offense ya, this is not an educational blog, not a religious blog, not even a so-truly-only feminism blog, but instead,..this is all about my life. If you like @ can handle the content, you're most welcome...But if you don't, or you think that the content doesn't suit your need, lifestyle, or even your mind,.Plus I just can't change myself to please @ satisfy everyone, with just a blink,. So you can kindly leave this page coz I think that's the best solution. I am not a perfect girl, and my hair does not always stay in place. I'll try to be a better person but people cant just forcing me to do something / be someone that I am not. I am so sorry not because I don't want but it takes time. 

As for the entry, since this is my blog so it's all about me and my world. This may include my lifestyle, my interest, my emotions, my opinion based on my observation, my experience, my friends and all mine. I am not going to write @ share something that is not 'me'. Please limit your expectation.

I am really appreciate and it's an honor to have a reader. However, I just think if people talk bad behind my back, saying "macam bagus, budget itu,..budget ini...." @ "Hari tu cakap itu, hari ni cakap ini....." @ "nak show off....etc" --> I just found this is not nice. Don't you think so? So as I said earlier, if you can handle the content, you are most welcome and I am glad to have you guys! But if you don't, I am really sorry, you're free to leave, and thanks for dropping by~=)

Happy Thanksgiving peeps! To PennStaters, have a break~have a wonderful one! To all seniors, enjoy your last November in the States! 

Huggable Love from New Hampshire,
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